Poster for Pembrokeshire Designers Fashion Show at Pembroke Town Hall 10th December, 2016

Pembrokeshire Designers Fashion Show.

On December 10th, 2016, There’s a Pembrokeshire Designers Fashion Show at Pembroke Town Hall, SA71 4JS. Seven designers bring collections to the catwalk…


Be Quick to avoid disappointment!

There will be a Raffle, with the chance to win some fabulous designer items and other prizes, too.

Funds raised in aid of Paul Sartori Foundation.


Nigel J. Bevans Photographic Exhibition.

photo of Oriel Joanna Field Gallery, Torch Theatre, Milford Haven, venue for Nigel J. Bevans photographic exhibition, until January 2017

Pembrokeshire landscape photographer, Nigel J. Bevans’ first major exhibition is at the Oriel Joanna Fields Gallery, Torch Theatre, Milford Haven until 13th January, 2017.

Nigel shared his thoughts as he showed me round.

video inside 

Jurassic Twilight.broad-haven

Taken at Broad Haven beach on a very cold February evening, “…this end of the beach is remarkably beautiful.”



druidstone“Out with my nephew, who put a little pile of stones in front of the sunset and I took a picture for him. When I got home and looked at it, I thought, ‘Wow!'”


Strumble Head Lighthouse.

strumble-head“Early this year, I visited on two consecutive days as the light was wrong. On this occasion, the sun was setting in the right place. A clear, cold evening. This place is hard to find but well worth the effort.”


Coastal view.

coast“On the path from Trecwm to Porthgain – a little tricky – so keep your dog on a lead here – be a bit more careful as dusk falls.”



porthgainOne of Nigel’s best known images. “Out of season but I still had to wait for people to get out of the way even though very early in the day. Had to grab the moment to try and get a different image – everyone has been here! But I wanted to show it in a different way, which is why I put the tyre in the foreground.”

Washed Ashore.

whitesands“This one was a favourite to work on, as it’s such a beautiful setting and makes me feel I could walk along here forever. It took a while to get it right and I had to be very low down and watch out for the tide.”


St. David’s Cathedral.

st-davids“An unusual viewpoint as this picture captures the St. Davids headland as well. Taken on a quick stop on the way to Whitesands, I climbed onto the car park wall to get a different view and to get this sky.”


The Gate.

the-gate“At Marloes, on a spectacular evening, walking back we spotted this gorgeous gate with the barley field behind and a glimpse of the beach, too. I felt that it was inviting me to go beyond it. Best in black and white, although the colour version is impressive. With some shots I know straight away whether they’re best in monochrome, but with others I have to take both and then decide.”


Wild Pembrokeshire.

wild-pembrokeshire“Taken between Broad Haven and Druidston. At the end of the day, I had put the camera away and saw this view just there where the car was parked, so had to take this one. I love the way it’s so wild yet perfectly structured.”


Between Havens.

between“On a walk between Druidston and Nolton Haven, I was struck by how beautiful the reflection of the sun was on the wild flowers. It sums up the coastal path for me. I hope it might tempt people to walk along it.”


Victorian Reflections.

victoria“At Blackpool Mill from a little field nearby. Just picture perfect. Takes you back in time to Pembrokeshire’s industrial past, yet the image gives such peace.”


View from a bridge.

Nigel J. Bevans photographic exhibition“At Bosherton, which I first photographed 3 or 4 years ago. Comparison with the 2016 version shows me how I have grown in confidence and what a huge difference there is in my work; the colour version is impressive, but I felt that this black and white one, with the shadows, leads you down the path.”

Tenby Dawn.

tenby-dawn“Taken at 5.30am  and shows a bit of Tenby, but concentrates on the well-known rock, that gets taken for granted, with a little bit of the iconic harbour but not the colourful buildings. I wanted to catch the sun coming up and bring it to people who maybe can’t get to see it.”

A Pembrokeshire Oasis.

broad-haven-south“Broadhaven South, which I have photographed many times. This one is unique. I followed a little path up the cliff – you need good boots and I felt a bit of vertigo as there wasn’t much room up there, but the view was so stunning and the way the water mirrored the sky was amazing. Not many people will be able to get to that place and see it, so I wanted to bring it to them. I was pleased with myself for taking this one.”

Prints and calendars are available at the exhibition or from Nigel’s website

As he showed me round, I was reminded of his ability to consistently capture pictures from an unusual angle and his talent for seeing things in a different way. Perhaps, therein lies the secret of his growing success.

Nigel’s images inspire many to visit and revisit the places he captures, and possibly search for the same vantage point.

His work ethic is clear. He takes his time and, with seemingly endless patience, tries lots of different ways and often, when things aren’t working out, he’ll realise later what it was he wanted to achieve at a location so has to go back, even the very next day, to finally get the shot he imagined.

Although, sometimes that great shot happens quickly.

I asked for any advice he would give budding photographers. Nigel recommends time, practice and keep experimenting from different angles to find out what works for you. Remember….

“…Some days will be rubbish!”

Well worth a visit.

You can see more of Nigel’s work, here.


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