West Wales Walk – Abermawr & Aberbach

Rocky outcrop at Abermawr beach - a familiar landmark

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Pen Deudraeth

If you like walks that include wild woodland and unspoilt beaches then make your way to this remote corner of north Pembrokeshire to discover an enchanting and little-known gem.

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Audiobooks to feature local authors.

Photograph of curtains at a window for the story 'Pull the Curtains' by Clive Ousley.

We’re adding audiobooks and podcasting to feature local authors.

Books, plays, poetry and interviews you can listen to here on Pembrokeshire Life Online and in our mobile app.

Our first submission comes from accomplished local Sci-Fi and Fantasy author, Clive Ousley, reading a short story called, ‘Pull the Curtains’.

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unusual photo of a buzzard on the ground

Birds of Prey in Pembrokeshire

The word raptor comes from a Latin word, rapere, meaning “to seize, snatch, tear away; to plunder a place”. It is a general term used to cover all birds of prey.

The wild open skies and the unspoilt lands below provide an ideal habitat for birds of prey and it is a common sight to see them soaring and swooping above us. On any road trip along the lanes and byways of our county you will spot buzzards on the telegraph poles and gateposts and, away from the roads, kestrel can often be spotted along fields and woodland edges. Yet more spectacular and awe-inspiring is to spot a red kite high above you and to marvel at its grace and beauty.
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Poetry Station – now arriving…

picture to accompany Suzy Holligan's Poem on The Brexit Referendum

Poetry in Pembrokeshire is thriving. And so, too, is the writing scene in general. Here we feature two authors definitely worth sharing.

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New writer in Poetry Station

We warmly welcome Suzy Holligan, not just to Poetry Station but also to Pembrokeshire.

As the main Political Party Conferences line up for our attention later this month and next, we’ll no doubt hear more of the aftermath of BREXIT and clarification on the way forward.

With that in mind we dare to reflect back on the referendum with Suzy’s poem:

Prenez Garde – The Referendum

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Anna Rowlands Art Card Collection


Be in to win! – October draw

Subscribers draw on 1st October – winner will receive a collection of these beautiful greetings cards.

Enter your email address below. Anna’s work will also be available in our shop… coming soon.

Find out more about Anna Rowlands by clicking here

Here’s a slideshow sample of card images:



Merrill Creations handmade homewares


Antiques Roadshow Pembroke Castle

Antiques Roadshow Pembroke Castle

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Several thousand plastic ponchos, stored under the reception desk, were not needed when the BBC Antiques Roadshow came to Pembroke Castle.  The sun shone, there was a cooling breeze and the castle provided the perfect setting for this great event.

The Pembrokeshire Life Online team were delighted to be welcomed by the BBC, to bring you behind the scenes at the only Antiques Roadshow broadcast from Wales, this series.

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Pembrokeshire Moments

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