Badgers – Mochyn Daear (Earthpig)

A Pembrokeshire badger

Badgers in Pembrokeshire – meles meles

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These short-legged digging omnivores are surely one of most controversial mammals in any rural community, due to the alleged connection with bovine TB. Under the Protection of Badgers Act, 1992, these shy crepuscular creatures (active at dawn and dusk) are rarely spotted but leave traces of their activities and five-toed claw-marks around their setts, in field and hedgerow edges. It is an offence to “…kill or injure a badger, or to damage, destroy or interfere with its sett or allow a dog to enter.” Illegal baiting continues and it is estimated to account for about 10,000 badger deaths annually. In Pembrokeshire, the Sealyham dog breed was originally developed for badger culling.

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Rosey Cale

photograph of Rosey Cale Singer Songwriter Pembrokeshire

A brand new Country Pop singer songwriter from Pembrokeshire

Rosey Cale’s lyrics will speak to millions. Vivid storytelling. Toe-tappingly free spirited when it matters with a youthful purity and clarity of voice …and message.

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Princess Nest – Part 4.

Painting of Princess Nest by Brett Breckon - would the King's brother protect her? Princess Nest's Protector

(Fabulous art by Brett Breckon – explore more below)

Story of our Princess Nest, as imagined by Snorkelfish. 

A Protector.

There are those who will talk of my girl in those now far off times and think they have the truth of what came about.

Some still talk of ‘Poor Nest’, ‘Helpless Nest’. They still choose to see my lady as a victim.
Let me tell you the truth of it. You will not hear better from anyone else.

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Dinner & Live Music for 2


Subscribers prize draw on 22nd October – 2 tickets for Dinner & Live music – Rosey Cale – at Delfryn Holiday Cottages, Nine Wells, Nr Solva on November 4th.

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Autumn climbing in Pembrokeshire

Autumn climbing Pembrokeshire - The Climbing Company

With the bird bans recently lifted, I was desperate to do some new routes and explore some un-climbed sections of cliffs that are off limits for much of the summer. I’d done a handful of new routes at Pointz Castle, north of Newgale, last year and now there’s scope for loads more.

Autumn climbing Pembrokeshire – new routes.

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Motorcycling Pembrokeshire

Motorcycling Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire offers some fabulous roads to ride on. In fact, there’s a total of 1200 miles of riding pleasure in the county and most of it allows traffic free enjoyment of some fast, winding routes with good quality surfaces. If you are a competent rider, there are plenty of challenges to test your skills and provide plenty of thrills. There are straights that demand an open throttle, heading into big open vistas, coast roads that tempt the unwary to take too long a glance out to sea and descents into wooded valleys that will check the smoothness in your gear changes and your brakes.

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West Wales Walk – Abermawr & Aberbach

Rocky outcrop at Abermawr beach - a familiar landmark

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Pen Deudraeth

If you like walks that include wild woodland and unspoilt beaches then make your way to this remote corner of north Pembrokeshire to discover an enchanting and little-known gem.

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Audiobooks to feature local authors.

Photograph of curtains at a window for the story 'Pull the Curtains' by Clive Ousley.

We’re adding audiobooks and podcasting to feature local authors.

Books, plays, poetry and interviews you can listen to here on Pembrokeshire Life Online and in our mobile app.

Our first submission comes from accomplished local Sci-Fi and Fantasy author, Clive Ousley, reading a short story called, ‘Pull the Curtains’.

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