dawn mist in late August

A Field Year – August

Spiders and misty mornings

August has been a little cool and wet this year, with the exception of a blast of hot sunshine in the third week, so mornings in the field have been damp and dewy. On the warmer days, early mist (or dragon’s breath) lies low over the ground and the sunrise has sparkled in the webs. Usually temperatures over 20 c would be expected, but the swifts and swallows have remained swooping low catching the flies and insects. Caterpillars and yet more slugs and snails adorn the tattered hedgerows.

Blackberries, sloes , rosehips and elderberries are very abundant this year and seem to be ripe a little early, while some leaves are already autumn-tinged. Ragwort and thistles are in flower and the berries are out on the lords and ladies too.

Another hectic time for the farmers with another cut of the grass, harvesting of the crop in the field followed quickly by ploughing and drilling once the bales had been gathered.

As my ‘Field Year’ comes to an end , the farmer has re-sown the field on the flattened earth and the new green shoots are through by the month end.

W H Dixon & Son Hayscastle

A huge thanks to David Dixon for allowing me to explore and enjoy his land and to observe him and his team at their work  – it has been a revelation and a privilege. Cwtch, the collie, and I will continue our early morning strolls around this field and its surrounds, but with a new respect and acknowledgement of the habitat management. We are lucky here in Pembrokeshire to still have the hedgerow wild flowers to enjoy  and to see such an abundance of wildlife.





Suzanne Ashworth of West Wales Web and Pembrokeshire Life Online
Words & Images by Suzanne Ashworth

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