On the road for summer.

Pembrokeshire Life Online on the road
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Camping in Pembrokeshire.

Visit Pembrokeshire. That’s what we tell people when we’re away.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the day to day routines only to find that we haven’t ‘visited’ Pembrokeshire for a while, ourselves…. and we live here!

So, this week we have opted for a change of vehicle that should enable us to visit more of the county and to stay out longer, camping in Pembrokeshire.

‘Poppy’ is our 32 year old VW Caravelle Campervan T25 1.9 litre diesel home from home on the road and will be base for these roving reporters this summer.

Masterland Farm Caravan Park

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Our Community Footprint…

feature image representing Pembrokeshire Life Online a social enterprise in pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire Life Online as a Community Interest Company.

In 2017, in addition to publishing the blog and mobile app, we’ll be contributing to initiatives and activities that support and benefit the community and economy of Pembrokeshire.

Sharing this platform, and the skills and talents of our team and contributors, we’ll collaborate with business owners, event organisers, ngo’s, thought leaders and influencers to help promote the best of Pembrokeshire using our multimedia approach.

As part of that process, some content will be tailored to share as Pembs USB-TV Programmes to help enhance the lives and well-being of housebound residents who have become – or are at risk of becoming – isolated, lonely, bored and disconnected – and who are easily overlooked.

We will welcome and support anyone who is interested in becoming involved:

Pilot Study – PembsLifeOnline USB-TV

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