The Residents Association – Chapter 9

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Ruby set off for home with a heavy heart. She avoided calling in on Dawn, even though she had some toys for the children. Instead she went home and absently began to prepare the evening meal.

It was in the kitchen that Monty found her; her shoulders stiff. Her eyes, when he pulled her head gently around to look at him, were wet with unshed tears.

“Not good news then?”

She shook her head, allowing herself to be led to the sofa. With her head in the hollow of Monty’s shoulder, his arm about her, she recounted the day’s events.

“So they can’t stay in the chalet?”

“Doesn’t look like it. What are they going to do Monty?”

Monty squeezed her tightly, “We’ll think of something.”

But even as he spoke, he knew that any whiff of the authorities and Dawn and her little family would almost certainly disappear.

That night they ate their meal with little appetite. They had agreed to say nothing to Dawn just yet.

“Let’s sleep on it,” Monty had suggested, “Maybe something will turn up.”

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The Residents Association – chapter 8

feature image The Residents Association Pembrokeshire refugees

“We have a responsibility to make sure this family are safe,” Ruby said, vehemently.

Her cheeks were flushed and the colour was spreading to her chest. To Monty she looked like a figure-head, full- bossomed and wild-haired in her determination to see justice done and it was all he could do to prevent himself from applauding.

Edgar Branwhite on the other hand was of a different mind.


image from story Residents Association Pembrokeshire refugees
homeless children

“There are two small children and a mother at the end of her tether in that chalet,” Ruby continued, “It’s not fit for winter…”

As she paused to catch her breath, Edgar Branwhite saw his chance, “My point exactly. It’s a summer-let only. My clients have been quite clear on that point and furthermore, no one gave them permission to be there. They are squatting and, as agent for the property, I will be taking steps towards their eviction.”

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Ageing Well in Pembrokeshire… USB-TV

Photograph of senior citizens Ageing Well in Pembrokeshire

Introducing PembsLifeOnline USB-TV.   

We time-travel back one year with regular contributor, Snorkelfish, who brought us this report on Ageing Well.

A year has passed and we’d like to share news of a contribution to the cause that we’d like your help with. Please read on at the end of the post – It may be something for you, or someone you know.

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