Princess Nest – Part 6.

Image depicting pregnant Princess Nest

The King began to prepare to leave as the spring burst upon us. Apart from visits to local landowners to assert his authority, and a skirmish that had to be attended to on the borders of his realm of Normandy, he had been at home for many months. Now preparations were being made to return to England and Henry would be going with him.

In the flurry of activity that attends everything that the court does, Nest made her announcement. It was early to be planning. We women know how delicate a time the early days of a pregnancy are but she wanted Henry to know that she carried his child before he left.

While my little dove began to encounter the realities her body must bear to accommodate this new life, he still called for her.

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Princess Nest – part 5.

Photograph of the type of bed that might have been used by Pembrokeshire Princess Nest

Pack up, pack everything!

The continuing story of our Princess Nest – as imagined by Snorkelfish…

I never quite grew accustomed to sleeping alone, though sometimes, in the dead of night, my Princess would slide into our bed shivering with cold and press herself to me.

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Princess Nest – Part 4.

Painting of Princess Nest by Brett Breckon - would the King's brother protect her? Princess Nest's Protector

(Fabulous art by Brett Breckon – explore more below)

Story of our Princess Nest, as imagined by Snorkelfish. 

A Protector.

There are those who will talk of my girl in those now far off times and think they have the truth of what came about.

Some still talk of ‘Poor Nest’, ‘Helpless Nest’. They still choose to see my lady as a victim.
Let me tell you the truth of it. You will not hear better from anyone else.

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