Gardening Pembrokeshire – March

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If you are a seasoned gardener, it can still be a bit of a shock to say ‘I’m going out all day today to dig over the allotment’, if you haven’t done much in the garden over the last five or six months. Work at it for only an hour or so as your body adapts to heavy lifting. When you get tired it is when accidents happen so when your body tells you it has had enough, STOP!

By now, snowdrops, crocus and daffodils should be in flower. When your daffodils have finished, just cut the flowers off and let them die down naturally – it might look a bit scruffy for a while, but they will benefit as the bulbs store food in the stems for them to flower next year.

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Gardening in Pembrokeshire – February

Feature image for Jim Saul's gardening in Pembrokeshire February
Video inside.

“As I write this the last thing I really want to do is garden!” – Jim Saul

It’s been raining and it’s blowing a gale right now, but the time will come at the end of the month to turn over the soil. To help aerate it, spread compost or well-rotted manure down.

Jobs to do in February.

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Gardening in Pembrokeshire – January.

Jim Saul's favourite pink cyclamen from his gardening calendar for January

Jim Saul warms us with his gardening guide to January.

The hours of daylight in winter are frustratingly short – just think what you could get done at this time of year with 10 – 12 hours of daylight!

What with the wind, rain, fog and ice (but rarely snow here in Pembrokeshire) it is now the time to reflect on what went right or wrong last year in the garden.

Perhaps some beds or borders need reshaping?

Are some plants now too close to one another or are there large gaps to fill?

Is there a rotten fence post or some uneven slabs?

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