Nigel J Bevans’ Top 10 places – Photograph Pembrokeshire 2017

Solva by Nigel J bevans

When I first wrote about my Top Ten Places in Pembrokeshire to photograph in 2016, I mentioned that this list changes on a regular basis as I visit new places or simply fall more in love with others and, true to my word, the list has changed, so here are my personal 10 favourite photography locations in Pembrokeshire as it stands now…

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When a best friend needs help.

photo of a Dogs Trust member cuddling a small rescue dog

Nigel J. Bevans brings us this from Pembrokeshire County Show. #PembsShow16

video inside 

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Dogs Trust – This dog rescue charity helps man’s best friend.

Making their annual appearance at the Pembrokeshire County Show, you may be surprised to know that Dogs Trust (formerly known as National Canine Defence League) has been helping dogs for over 125 years. The Trust was founded in 1891 by Lady Gertrude Stock, during a meeting at the first ever Crufts show, and is the largest dog welfare charity in the UK.

Over the years they have campaigned tirelessly on issues such as prolonged chaining, unnecessary muzzling and vivisection. They also came up with the famous slogan ‘A dog is for life, not just for Christmas’ to help reduce the number of abandoned dogs after the festive period and more recently campaigned with the slogan ‘Dogs Trust Never Put A Healthy Dog Down’.

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My Top 10 places to photograph in Pembrokeshire

Photo of St. Catherines Island, Tenby, Pembrokeshire

This list changes, probably every 6 months when I have had the chance to discover new places or simply fall more in love with places I’ve been to before but not appreciated them yet or seen them in the right light. Having recently ventured on a week of photographing
Pembrokeshire for a 2017/18 project, here is the list as it stands today… 

Nigel J Bevans

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