Pembrokeshire Surfing

natural surfing stance demonstrated by Reg Goddard in Surfing Pembrokeshire

This great book by Reg Goddard is a must for anybody interested in Pembrokeshire’s surf culture. 

Chapter 1 – The Early Years

It feels strange looking back after all these years on how the surfing scene in Pembrokeshire came about.

In our little corner of Wales we had no surf films to watch; just the odd news bulletin about some surfers riding the ‘Cribbar’* or such like, but slowly and surely it was evolving. My early memories of Pembrokeshire surfing are as such.

I can always remember being drawn to the sea and had my first surf on those ply wood belly boards that were in use in those very early days of the 1950’s and 1960’s.

I remember seeing two surfers walking down Newgale beach and thinking I’d like to try that. They had Malibu surfboards under their arms – the first I’d seen.

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Tenby Young Writers Group

Tenby Young Writers Group

Free writing group for ages 12 – 16 in Tenby

Could you be the author the world has been waiting for? Do you have a story buzzing away in your bonnet or some ideas for interesting characters? Do you read books and wish you could have the opportunity to write your own? Or ponder on how to begin?

“If you have brilliant ideas for writing your own book or want to have a go at short stories but don’t know where to start this is the place for you!” – Eloise Williams

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Calan at Cuffern – Update

Calan with Julian from Cuffern Manor

Well, Calan actually appeared at Roch Village Hall – due to fire damage at Cuffern Manor an alternative venue was required – but this was great news as the larger venue allowed for an additional forty people to enjoy the performance.

As promised, here’s a snippet from Calan’s show. Do take a look and listen to their albums on iTunes by clicking on the button below….

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