Climbing in Pembrokeshire

Agreed Climbing Restrictions Pembrokeshire 2016

The 2016 Climbing Restrictions for Pembrokeshire are out – Get your copy here.

Did you spot this on facebook this week?

In case you are wondering what it all means, we are fortunate to have Stu McInnes from Pembrokeshire’s own Climbing Company to explain…

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Colby helps with New Year fitness

Colby Woodland Gardens

Finding it hard to keep up with your New Year fitness plans?

Colby Woodland Gardens near Amroth could be the place to inspire and encourage you if you are running to a new you. The National Trust woodland gardens are the venue for Saturday morning runs throughout the winter months.

Get your barcode to enter each week and meet at 9am for the start of 5km of stunning woodland and parkland running on tracks and footpaths. You can even review your progress and check out times on the special Colby Parkrun website, here.

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An Absolute Treat

Eloise Williams - Children’s and YA author

Come and join children’s and young adult’s author, Eloise Williams. Find out about her life as a writer and what she’s up to in Pembrokeshire.

SO firstly, hello! I just wanted to introduce myself in a section I’ve very imaginatively called:

Who I am

Well, I’m a person who writes for kids and young adults (as you might have guessed from the title) and

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