The Old Post Office, Haverfordwest

HaverHUB Volunteers Open Evening.

Latest update – more Haverhelpers needed!

On Thursday 5th October 2017 an open evening was held to give interested locals a chance to see around the dilapidated old building and yards that will become the new Haverhub centre. After some successful and fabulously fun events, the clearing and fund-raising continues.

Two sheds and courtyard to be open by Christmas

With grant applications pending the team behind this great venture, led by Gitti Coats, aim to get the sheds and yard ready for public use by the end of this year. John Collier and some colleagues are working now to get the shed doors opened for the first time in over 30 years – once that is done, the pigeons and their accumulated droppings can be removed – don’t worry – no pigeons will be harmed, but they must be persuaded to move on!

More than a dozen new volunteers were shown around the premises this week and already, incredible offers of help have been made by these latest recruits – for example, guidance in premises management and instant hands-on help with moving things and more clearance work. Other new projects planned are teams of gardeners and an arts group to create huge works of art to display in Haverhub – this is led by Arthur Brooker, inspired by his latest Break Out of the Gallery event in Haverfordwest. Free architectural drawings have been completed to help move the plans along for the whole building and Gitti has been overwhelmed with ideas and suggestions for the building’s use. These include meeting rooms, market stalls, hotdesks and business start-ups.

Do you want to get involved?

haverhub entrance

Those involved have become great friends and are finding that the excitement and possibilities are a reward in themselves – just wait til things really get under way!

Gitti told me ;

I have been blown away by the amazing people who have come forward…to be involved

Some forthcoming social and fund-raising events coming up include a Silent Disco on 24th November and a Halloween Party on 31st October – the SpanArts River of Lights Lantern Parade will end their procession at Haverhub – which will be a great spectacle.


Haverfordwest Town Council



Already much in evidence are the Haverhub friends and helpers.

If you would like to get involved in any way then please get in touch (Click here). Expressions of interest are being invited for those keen to become part of the hub, once completed. Volunteers to offer hands-on help, raffle prizes and donations will all make a difference!


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Feature article by Suzanne Ashworth

Would you like to take a look round The Old Post Office?

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