St. Dwynwen’s Day.

St Dwynwen's Day

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We celebrate the Welsh patron saint of lovers – St Dwynwen’s Day is on January 25th.

Are you fed up with the commercial aspects of St. Valentine’s Day and all the expectation and possible disappointment it can bring to some?

Then, join us as we remember the 5th century Welsh princess whose name means, ‘She who has a blessed life’.

An angel with St Dwynwen

Known to be the prettiest of King Brychan Brycheiniog’s 24 daughters, Dwynwen fell in love with Maeleon Dafodill, but was forbidden to marry him as she was intended for another. According to legend, she ran into the woods crying and an angel gave her a potion to forget Maeleon and turn him to ice.

Dwynwen appealed to God, who granted her three wishes – to thaw Maeleon, to help all true lovers and to ensure she never married.

She then set up a convent on Anglesey and is remembered for her blessings on those whose love is true.


25th January for Welsh lovers

During the rest of January, please send us your love poetry in Welsh or English for your chance to win a romantic prize and have your poem published as a feature on this site and in our Audiobooks section on the mobile App.

For inspiration, here is a love poem from Snorkelfish …

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