Christmas revisited

Bless little baby Jesus and pray for peace on Earth

(Editor’s comment – Take time to read this interview and Fish’s thoughts on Christmas, both articles in their entirety. Exploring both points of view proved thought-provoking and rewarding. Have a lovely Christmas 😉 )

Some of you will have read some of this Fish’s thoughts on Christmas and it would have been clear in that article that there is some antipathy about religion lurking not too deeply under the scales. However, in the spirit of fairness it seemed a good idea to get the other side of the story….a view of Christmas from someone of Faith.

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The Residents Association – Part 2

The Resident's Association - Episode 2 - Friends Reunited

Join us in episode 2 of this story set in Pembrokeshire

Friends Reunited

If it hadn’t been for the spring storms… he might not have noticed the obituary notice at all.

For a long time after Ruby came to stay Monty would think back to how they had become reunited and give thanks. If it hadn’t been for the spring storms that had kept him landlocked that week and the necessity on one particularly chilly May night to light the woodburner, he might not have noticed the obituary notice at all.

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An Absolute Treat

Eloise Williams - Children’s and YA author

Come and join children’s and young adult’s author, Eloise Williams. Find out about her life as a writer and what she’s up to in Pembrokeshire.

SO firstly, hello! I just wanted to introduce myself in a section I’ve very imaginatively called:

Who I am

Well, I’m a person who writes for kids and young adults (as you might have guessed from the title) and

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Calan at Cuffern – Update

Calan with Julian from Cuffern Manor

Well, Calan actually appeared at Roch Village Hall – due to fire damage at Cuffern Manor an alternative venue was required – but this was great news as the larger venue allowed for an additional forty people to enjoy the performance.

As promised, here’s a snippet from Calan’s show. Do take a look and listen to their albums on iTunes by clicking on the button below….

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