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Meetup : Pembrokeshire Culture Club

The place to find like minded people who share their enjoyment of Theatre, Cinema, Music – Live Performance, Festivals, Writing, Poetry, Dance, Beach Life & BBQ’s, Books, Art, Crafts, Photography, Film making, Food – Epicureanism, Philosophy, Walking, Wildlife …. the list goes on!

We meet all over the county and members sometimes host events in their homes.

We  have an event at least twice per month and provide members with a full programme throughout the year. So, there’s plenty of varied activities, shows and displays to enjoy. These include events scheduled and led by members at our own venues, and group attendances at public events at the main cultural centres, such as Theatre Gwaun, Torch Theatre, Festivals, Gigs, etc. In the first year the club held 52 events and has 25+ members – you can come along to all, just a few or only an occasional meetup.

Regular sessions include Singing for Fun ; Creative Writing and Reading Group ; Art Tasters and Meals out.


There is a membership fee of £1 per month per member, paid annually. This is to cover costs of running the Meetup.

Free trial period.

New members – subscription covers a full 12 months from the 1st of the month following the date you join. This means that new members always have a ‘free trial’ period of the rest of the first month they join in.

We’re about:
Dining Out · Photography · Arts & Entertainment · Singing · Poetry · Cultural Activities · Live theatre & musical theatre · Art · Supper Clubs · Beach Life · Movie Nights · Writing · Dancing · Social Networking · Fun Times

Literature Wales Project – we have been invited to be the Pembrokeshire group involved in a Wales-wide event.

After the group has read two books, a member of the team from Cardiff University will come to one of our meetings to discuss some of the aspects of the novel(s) that interested us. In particular, they’ll be interested in readers’ feelings and ideas about the way the locations in the novel are described and represented.Later in the year we will be taken on an all-expenses paid literary tour about the books.

Do you love the written word? Get in touch and join us in this reading event in 2017!

Our writing group is producing an anthology and short stories in 2017.


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Suzanne Ashworth of West Wales Web and Pembrokeshire Life Online
Words & Images by Suzanne Ashworth


3 thoughts on “Pembrokeshire Culture Club – Literature Wales Project

  1. Interesting! I hope your group will ask the people behind this scheme (which is costing the taxpayer £500,000) why not a single novel set in Pembrokeshire was deemed to be of sufficient quality for inclusion in the scheme. Do they think that there is a cultural desert to the west of Carmarthen?

  2. I’m interested in the mechanism by which the Culture Club was invited to take part. Did you have to apply to the organizers in Swansea University? Or were you just selected out of the blue?!! Anyway, have fun!

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