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Each month we will produce a TV Programme featuring the best from around Pembrokeshire.

Pembrokeshire Life Online Television (PembsLifeOnline USB-TV)

Videos recorded around the county – We cover the whole county, not just the popular tourist spots – featuring favourite walks, wildlife, Landmark People and Places – includes some drone aerial footage (and soon to include Virtual Reality experiences); Audio – books and poetry written and narrated by local authors; Music from local performers and composers – Pop, Rock, Country, Classic… more being added; Slideshows – comprising the beautiful landscapes we live in; Activities – cooking, gardening; Visits to interesting events… the list goes on.

We recognise that not everyone here – or away – who share our passion for Pembrokeshire are able to fully engage in life here. Whether they are housebound, in-patient or living in care, or live away and are unable to visit these days, we’ll bring Pembrokeshire to them!

Not everyone is able to go online or access and use digital devices, and our multi-media behind the scenes approach is intended to improve on traditional print only media. So, here we introduce our programmes available on USB.

Simply ‘Plug and Play’.

We’ll send out a USB stick to plug into the USB port on the back of a television. By selecting the USB source on the TV or handset you’ll be able to immerse yourself in the whole Pembrokeshire Life Online experience.

Watch this sample offering of

Makes a great gift for anyone that loves Pembrokeshire and who wants to stay connected with this community and lifestyle. Quench their thirst. Quell their longing. Hiraeth.

‘Pembrokeshire – Behind The Scenes’.

Our aim is to deliver Pembrokeshire from our online magazine in a format that can be enjoyed by those unable to get out and about for whatever reason.

Delivered and installed as USB memory stick or delivered direct over internet connection – viewed on our site, by direct download or via email.

Availability in USB format will enable viewers to enjoy tailored content on TV – the most common denominator – as well as the other formats making it viewable on most other digital devices – ensuring the project is fully inclusive.

(Please check that your TV will play video stored on USB – you can use our programme as the test – if your TV’s not able to play it, send the USB back – or pass it on to someone else to enjoy, but let us know their details so we can follow up on this pilot scheme).

Using video – including live broadcasting, audio – music, stories and interviews, slideshows, and text, we hope to include and re-engage members of our community who increasingly find themselves isolated.

This introductory episode takes us on an aerial visit to Whitesands Beach (Courtesy of 3SixTyddewiProductions). We call in at Pembroke Castle for a look behind the scenes at The Antiques Roadshow, then Roch Village Choir ‘Sing for Sartori’ – raising funds and awareness for a much loved Pembrokeshire charity, The Paul Sartori Foundation. We take you for a leisurely walk with Cwtch the Collie at Brandybrook.

Finishing off with music composed locally, ‘Return of the Red Kites’ by Rob Starkey, to accompany a slideshow of photographs of these beautiful birds of prey, by Tim Porter.

Push Play…


Find a section – You may wish to navigate to the start of each section. When you hover the mouse pointer over the player the progress bar will appear and show you the progression of time through the programme. Hover the pointer along the bar to see the time indicator change to show the time stamp for wherever the pointer is positioned.

On a mobile device you may see a slider control which you can ‘drag’ along the progress bar to find the start points.

Use this to guide you in selecting the start points for the following:

Here are the times at which each section starts:

Whitesands : 10 seconds in – 0:10  Courtesy Wil Richardson 3SixTyddewiProductions

Antiques Roadshow Part 1 : In the control box – 4 minutes, 20 seconds in – 4:20

Sing for Sartori  :  9 minutes, 27 seconds in – 9:20

A Pembrokeshire walk  :  10 minutes, 30 seconds in  – 10:30

Return of the Red Kites – a slideshow with music  :  13 minutes, 38 seconds in – 13:38

Closing credits – Puppy on the coast path  :  18 minutes, 15 seconds in – 18:15


Subscribe – Give them Pembrokeshire Life Online Television …. It’s free for a limited trial.

Nominate who you’d like to receive a monthly programme (you or someone else).

Early subscribers to this trial service will continue to receive the programme as we shape and improve the offering for later, paid users. We really appreciate your taking part and understand we may contact you to complete a simple, short survey to help us develop a good service.


We currently receive no outside financial support in publishing Pembrokeshire Life Online. To help us provide the service for those less fortunate please consider making a donation – see button below. Every penny raised for this project will be used to re-connect isolated Pembrokeshire people to their communities. (In the interests of transparency – There will be a page to document fundraising efforts and to record how funds are used to achieve the aims of this community initiative).

Thank you.



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