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Welcome to Pembrokeshire Television

Video highlights from our broadcasts around Pembrokeshire.

And some LIVE broadcasts, too – using Periscope, we’ll embed live to our page!

**STOP PRESS – LIVE TILE coming to our home page later today – a window on Pembrokeshire!**

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We frequently broadcast ‘Live’ using Periscope (Find out more below). The ‘LIVE’ videos appear as ‘Tweets’ (as they are filmed in real-time) on our main TV page, ‘CLICK’ HERE, or go to Pembs TV in the Menu.

You can also watch the videos on our Periscope page:


The highlights below are edited and appear here from our YouTube Channel:

Navigate the video Playlist using the mini menu at top left corner of the image – 

Other Pembrokeshire TV broadcasts:

Nov 13th – The mock mayoral making ceremony at Trefin

Investiture of new mayor, Mr Anthony Daniel.


Nov 4th – Rosey Cale performs at Delfryn, Nine Wells

Rosey Cale was fabulous!

A warm hearted, generous performer who gave us the opportunity, at this intimate gathering, to ask her questions about her music, her inspiration, and her future plans.

Check out our interview with Rosey, here.

Oh, and don’t forget to visit her website where you can listen some more, download a free track from her E.P. ‘Creating Images’ and buy that E.P.  It’d make a great gift, too. 🙂

For more Periscope Videos from around the world – click the button:


Pembrokeshire TV broadcast yourselfWANT TO POST YOUR OWN LIVE VIDEO’S ? HERE’S HOW…  you’ll need to download the Periscope App on your mobile device. When you’re ready to broadcast, just remember to add @pembslifeonline in the title you create for your broadcast, and your broadcast will appear on our Pembs TV page 🙂

What you’ll need…

Grab yourself a free copy of the Periscope App’ here.

For detailed guidance on how to get started and be an expert with Periscope click here if you’re an Android user

and click here if you’re an Apple iOS user.

(Your broadcasts can appear on this page subject to privacy terms).

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