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We really appreciate everyone that stops by to explore this site, our app, and our posts published across social media. Your support and encouragement, by way of showing a returning interest and willingly sharing the words, pictures, videos and audio we publish, keeps us going.

27,000+ visits to the blog alone this year…. Wow!

“Live your best story…”

We continue to improve in our delivery – and stand by our decision to ‘go broad’ on topics, aiming to create one of the best lifestyle archives for Pembrokeshire people to enjoy; whether you’re from here, come here, dream of here, hear of here and want more of here….. you are ‘Pembrokeshire people’.

We have more contributors joining us… with some young writers about to publish their first posts.

We welcome new writers and contributors of all sorts of content. Come and join the team.

Get in touch by ‘clicking’ here, if you are interested in contributing.

How did it all begin?

Some of you will have seen our blog ‘ www.move-to-pembrokeshire.uk ‘, where we charted our re-location to this county and started to share why we love it so much. Once we were here, we thought we should have a new blog about living here so purchased the domains for Pembrokeshire Life, planning to keep blogging.

Just as we started, in February 2015, someone told us about the traditional print magazine of the same name – Pembrokeshire Life – which, as we are digital first, somehow managed to escape our attention. Clearly, it seemed right to check on their online activity so as to exclude any overlap there. There was none. No website presence at all. There were a good few others who focused on Pembrokeshire lifestyle, and also had similar names – like, Pembrokeshire Online, rather like all the plumbers, builders, electricians, shop owners and so on, trading with the same names; Thomas, Davies, Jones…

Still, we contacted them and offered our website domain names free of charge (about £90 value) not having realised the coincidence. That venerable publication had yet to embrace the digital age – just one of the four editors showed an interest and asked for more details. We offered to create a website for them – this one – all up and ready to go, with integrated magazine subscription service and payment gateway, and show them how to use it, all for £250.

We did not want to cause any consternation and thought it would be good to play a part in helping bring ‘Pembrokeshire Life’ to the online community and perhaps a younger readership, taking advantage of multi-media advances and social media. Aside from this, we would setup a different blog, with another angle and style, to fulfill our own interests.

Their editors were not convinced of the need to be on the web and, after several months, it was clear that they were not interested and quite happy to remain as they were – a traditional print magazine. They did not want the domain names or a website presence but had set up a facebook page instead. Their subscribers were to continue to send in a cheque and we had to recognise that if this worked for them, our offer of a website and the domains was not of interest at that time. Maybe one day this will change and we can collaborate, after all…. that would be cool.

Meanwhile, what to do with the domains we had purchased and our desire to be creative and celebrate all that is the Pembrokeshire lifestyle?

What we did was create this blog and set about building an online community. Gathering like-minded, talented people interested and keen to share this platform on the Internet. Their Pembrokeshire platform – not one owned by an international company, like Facebook, Google, Microsoft or Apple… or a big publishing house.

A Pembrokeshire Community Journalism Project.

The rest is history…. in the making!

  • We now have a free Mobile App which synchronises with the online magazine but also has it’s own exclusive content.  The App can be used by local businesses, makers, musicians, artists and writers… anyone who can’t justify the investment in their own but can benefit from ours, connecting with the growing community of Pembrokeshire people who use it, and who in turn will benefit from only the best on offer here, via the App.
  • We are now indexed monthly and permanently by The National Library of Wales (Aberystwyth University), The British National Library and The National Library of Scotland as part of their collaborative UKWebArchive programme.

What’s next ?

PembsLifeOnline USB-TV

For 2017,  we will continue to publish multimedia TV editions of PembsLifeOnline, with extra feature content, for housebound and infirm people who have become isolated from the place they, and we, all love – yet, are just living out their lives indoors – inside, as we all go about our lives around the county. Many don’t have access to, or are unable to use wifi or devices other than their TV.

So they too can share in PembrokeshireLifeOnline, the events we attend, the culture and lifestyle, and the connections within our community, we’ll deliver PembsLifeOnline USB-TV Programmes for them to enjoy. Simply ‘Plug and Play’ into a TV using the USB socket fitted to most TV’s, and now in most homes …. we’ve checked.

The response so far has been delightful.

Our first episode has already been delivered as part of a feasibility study and we’re excited by the response.

Within four walls, isolated from the outside world where life goes on without them and the scenery is often breath taking but now out of reach, they may as well be in Swindon, having to rely on their memories to recount stories of life here.

We have shared this multimedia experience of Pembrokeshire with a small group already and it’s been well received. They love what we show them! A step in the right direction, reconnecting people with their communities.

Take a look at our Video Highlights page by ‘clicking’ here for a sample viewing.

**Free during our trials – Try it / send it, to someone who might benefit:

   Subscribe: Pembs USB-TV

If you are interested in finding out more, think you can help or would like to sponsor us, please get in touch, here.

If you see the value in our site and community projects, please consider making a donation. Every penny will be accounted for in progressing the projects. This is a not for profit, community interest organisation.



So far we have paid for this from our part-time ‘day jobs’ (we’re Bootstrappers!). We rely on the goodwill and passion for Pembrokeshire shared by those who submit the content that brings this blog to life, but we would love to ensure we can keep going and develop the media further.

So, we’re inviting a limited number of Sponsors – In exchange we’ll share our I.T. skills, experience and resources, copywriting, editorial work and publishing to market your goods or services.

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PembrokeshireLifeOnline is one year old and has been created by the following wonderful people:-

*’Clicking’ on their name will take you to their website*

Editor (Website and App design) :      Ken Mahoney

Sub-Editor / Journalist:                        Suzanne Ashworth

Creative Writer-in-Chief:                      Snorkelfish

Reporter out and about:                        Rosemary Alderwick

Landscape Photographer:                     Nigel J Bevans

Wildlife Photographer:                          Tim Porter

Portrait Photographer:                          Ieuan Morris

Climbing Features:                                 Stu McInnes

Ecology Issues:                                        Dave Smith

Young Persons writer:                           Eloise Williams

Year of the Horse:                                  Jenny Rees

Music:                                                       Rob Starkey; Stephen Rees

Fiction:                                                     Clive Ousley

Gardening:                                              Jim Saul

Poetry:                                                     Marc Mordey

Also, thanks to other contributors during our first year: Ed Latter, Kirstie Jane Dobson; Alice Griffin; Brett Breckon; Rhys Eynon and others, too numerous to mention. And, of course, to everyone who has allowed us in to glimpse and share part of their stories so far – you know who you are 🙂

** Subject to demands and availability.


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