Poetry Station by Skilbey at Pembrokeshire Life Online

What is Poetry Station?

Living off the fat of words.

Skilbey – Pembrokeshire Blogger and Writer – hosts Poetry Station. Let’s give this talent some food for thought…

Calling all readers.

Here’s what you do:

Imagine your mind is like a Pembrokeshire confectionery, cheese or wine shop, choose to taste.

You select your story; sweet, sour, savoury, bitter, set the tone; funny, poignant, bizarre or sad. It can be about anything- an experience you’ve had, or an inspired thought, perhaps an epiphany or moment of self discovery or perhaps exploring the little things and the littler things.

Enter your request in the Comments section below and I shall transform it into a poem for you. Simple. Click on the red button to read the poems I write for requests I receive…

Show me the Poems...


Here’s one I made earlier. It’s my prayer to chocolate, cake and to all things in between.

I Want Too Much Please.

chocolate cake

One glimpse and I’m crippled and incapable.
I am a resigned prisoner
to a melting, molten, choc lava,
imagining the imperial silky textures, slinking and flowing treacle-like; down, down,
down into, and including the belly of my thoughts;
taking swift control with sugar gilded reins.
How can I concentrate?
Shut down by this culinary bling?
This sensuous spatchcock display of just one slice
could not be more audacious:
Cherries-bitter aches of sweetness.
Chocolate-Medusa’s seducer.
Cake-yielding, holding, holding, moist and tender.
And cream; submission’s ecstasy.
Yet it can be more audacious and cruel:
To me, it’s a foot soldier on the battlefront fighting
anorexics, health tsars and dieters.
To me, it’s the Missionary from the ‘Chocolate Belt’,
or a zealous fanatic, sure to be met in Heaven by
Seven succulent adorned gateaux.
To me, it is all Four Horses of the Chocolips,
and so death by chocolate.
So a word of caution, if I may:
Succumbing to the sweet flesh of desire
is a carnal sin.
Sex on a plate-
or should I make that palate?


Here’s Skilbey’s offering of A Twitch in the Eye for Shirley

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