Poetry Station – two poems for Spring

Time Out

(Boy at Windmill)

Hey! beautiful child
The call of the wild
has won you away to the other side
of the garden —-
They called in a half-hearted
way to obey
and return to their table
laden with liquids of doubtful hue
and expensive slices of carrot cake.


You are two, blond and pale,
and they, your parents,
joined at the hip for now —-
are distracted, absorbed in the moment
of calm —-
Escape, escape, out of earshot,
the green grass beckons,
and the windmill is high,
so high above
with its creaking sails.
Round and round lazily
a new, new sound,
and the bumblebee flew so near to you
on the ground.

The April blossom shone in the sun
as you followed the bee
and won my heart.
Into the dark corner it buzzed
out of reach of your questing fingers.
The music of wings
the dance of delight in your smile
was all that I wished for.
A morning not wasted
on trivial things?
On feathers and windmills
and butterflies wings.


To Charlie, aged nine,

 (on an austistic child)


Charlie let’s dance,

You stole my heart away

With your clear, keen look

And your magic winning



The day changed after

You waved a long goodbye,

The dark clouds lifted

And the wind was warm

and new.


O yes, your laughter lingered,

So when I pass next time,

Where’s Charlie, I will ask?

Who makes the Spring

flowers blossom

And the winter’s shadows fade ——



Suzy Holligan – Pembrokeshire Poet

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