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Rosey Cale

A brand new Country Pop singer songwriter from Pembrokeshire

Rosey Cale’s lyrics will speak to millions. Vivid storytelling. Toe-tappingly free spirited when it matters with a youthful purity and clarity of voice …and message.

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Here’s a track from Rosey’s New E.P. ‘Creating Images’ (2016)

Track: ‘Walked Away’
Artist : Rosey Cale                  

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photograph of The Grand Ole Opry, Nashville, Tennessee
Grand Ole Opry in Tennessee, USA

Where would you most like to perform?
One of my all time dream places to play would have to be the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville. I know it’s a huge venue and something only very few people get the opportunity to do, but I don’t like to set small goals. Some of my favourite country artists have performed there and to perform in one of the most iconic venues in Nashville would just be incredible.

Who is your biggest musical influence?

Growing up I spent a lot of time performing and making music with my mum and sister. We all played different instruments and we loved singing together so we would put on pretend concerts for our family and friends. It wasn’t until I discovered Taylor Swift as a teenager that I really found a love of writing songs, especially lyrics. I have so many notebooks around my house full of ideas and little phrases that have inspired me to write specific songs. I always seem to find a new piece of inspiration every time I open them.

Rosey’s Debut EP ‘Creating Images’ is now available! Click one of the buttons below to listen or download!
Or to get your own physical copy just head to the STORE.

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Who spotted your talent?

After releasing my debut single ‘Walked Away’ I was lucky enough to be played on BBC Radio Wales by Adam Walton and Bethan Elfyn, who have continued to be a great support. I was then invited by BBC Radio Wales to their studios for a live session on Jamie Owen’s morning show. Definitely something I didn’t expect so soon after releasing the track. I am so thankful to them, especially for being so kind and welcoming for my first time in the studio.

Has there been anyone in particular who has helped you?

My family has been the biggest support from day one. If I have an idea about something or a specific goal in mind, I know they will try in every way possible to help me achieve it (although, I also know they will tell me if it’s a ridiculous idea).

What are your plans after university?

Since I’m doing Acting in university I know the next year is going to be pretty busy with shows as well as gigging so there is a possibility of more doors opening for me. But one thing I know I want to do is record a full album. I haven’t got any specific plans apart from that, as I want to be as open-minded as possible. I think in this industry, having a specific plan could lead to disappointment, so I just want to be ready to take on any challenges that come my way and carry on improving as a writer and performer.

Here’s ‘Mirror, Mirror’ from her new E.P. ‘Creating Images’…


   Visit Rosey Cale’s site here…

‘Exquisitely more-ish songwriting. That’s the kind of thing I can imagine anyone listening to and enjoying. Thought that was beautiful’ – Adam Walton, BBC Introducing Wales

‘It’s just such a huge song’ – Bethan Elfyn, BBC Radio Wales 

‘With the new single and EP, her name will soon be known over the bridge and beyond’ – Louder Than War

‘Loved that track!!’ – Nathan Spackman, Bro Radio

Walked Away, the song in question, is a spirited broadside about an ex-boyfriend… pitched somewhere between KT Tunstal and Ed Sheeran’ – Buzz Magazine


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