The Year of the Horse – Shapeshifters

A grey horse at Dinas Head

Jenny Rees’ latest post about the wild horses at Dinas Head “Human beings are works of art created by the universe from the same material as the stars. This galloping horse, too, was created … Read more…

A Chance Encounter

photo of one of the Pembrokeshire wild horses lying in the sun

Pembrokeshire wild horses “Unless we view things with our heart, we can see nothing. If we look at the world with a love of life, the world will reveal its … Read more…

My Top 10 places to photograph in Pembrokeshire

Photo of St. Catherines Island, Tenby, Pembrokeshire

This list changes, probably every 6 months when I have had the chance to discover new places or simply fall more in love with places I’ve been to before but not appreciated them yet or seen them in the right light. Having recently ventured on a week of photographing
Pembrokeshire for a 2017/18 project, here is the list as it stands today… 

Nigel J Bevans

Read more…

The Year of the Horse

White Mare and Blue Eyed Pony

The Web of Life “The world is an intricately interwoven web of infinite relations. When we apply this worldview to matter and to all living things, including people, we can … Read more…

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