Landshipping Quay, Pembrokeshire

West Wales Walks – Landshipping

Almost at the end of a no through lane along the banks of the eastern Cleddau, you come across the tranquil quay at Landshipping – from the little riverside parking area you can walk along the shoreline or into the surrounding lanes and woods.

This area of tidal estuary is almost at the meeting point of the east and western Cleddau and there are views across to Llangwm and Port Lion if you walk further down the narrow flower-filled lane and follow the path into the fields.

From the lane end you can explore Coedcanlas – unspoilt woodlands with paths in several directions to other quays, riverside walks and meandering paths through the trees. At low tide you can edge along the muddy stony shore and enjoy the smoothflowing wide Cleddau river.

Although this area is now sleepy , it was once the scene of industry – until the tragic flooding of the mine in 1844, the Garden Pits employed many local people. There is a small memorial to the 40 men, women and young children who perished underground  when the tide broke through the pit roof one bleak February day. Most tragically of all, the miners had come out a little before reporting extra seeping of water, but were reassured that it was safe to go back in and they all later drowned. An Act of Parliament two years before had banned the employment underground of women and children  under 10 years of age, but both were amongst the dead.

West Wales Walks-Landshipping Map

Popular with sailors and walkers this little known patch of Pembrokeshire is well worth a visit and some time to explore – on one trip we met a family from the north of England, who had visited Pembrokeshire many times  without discovering the Cleddau river and its winding path through woodland and pastures.

Looking towards Llangwm - West Wales Walks-Landshipping

Suzanne Ashworth of West Wales Web and Pembrokeshire Life Online
Words & Images by Suzanne Ashworth

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