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West Wales Walks – Strumble Head

Stunning wild North Pembrokeshire at its best

This circular walk takes you to this wonderful rocky headland on the Pembrokeshire coast to see the famous Strumble Head and with stunning views towards Dinas Head and Cardigan Bay. This walk is best on a clear sunny day as it can be quite windy – I recall driving here once and being unable to shut the car door in the gales!

This walk starts off at the Strumble Head car park and takes you along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to Porthsychan before returning through the countryside on a country lane. The final stretch back to the car park has great views of the lighthouse for most of the way.
If you’d like to extend your walk you could head south along the Pembrokeshire Coast Path to the rocky volcanic outcrop Garn Fawr where you will find an Iron Age Hillfort and spectacular views of the surrounding area.This rocky tor stands high above the whole peninsula, brings a touch of hill walking to the experience, and the lighthouse flashes a constant reminder of just how treacherous these spectacular waters can be.

Even as far down the coast as Mathry and a little inland we can see the light in the darkness on clear nights.

Gawn Faur

Built in 1908 to help protect the ferries that run between Fishguard and Ireland, the Strumble Head Lighthouse guards a hazardous stretch of coast that wrecked at least 60 ships in the 19th century alone. The revolving lights, which flash four times every 15 seconds, were originally controlled by a massive clockwork system that needed rewinding every 12 hours. This was replaced in 1965 by an electrically powered system and the lighthouse was then converted to unstaffed operation in 1980. Apparently it is  possible to cross the daunting narrow chasm that separates Ynys Meicel (St Michael’s Island), where the lighthouse stands, from the mainland by a rickety bridge. However, when we walked here the gate was locked.


You may come across this walk as you traverse the coast path, or perhaps park in a nearby layby or near the hostel.

circular map
walks around Strumble Head, North Pembrokeshire


Suzanne Ashworth of West Wales Web and Pembrokeshire Life Online
Words & Images by Suzanne Ashworth

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