Pine woods along West Wales Walks Treffgarne

West Wales Walks – Treffgarne and Wolfscastle

Dating back to mediaeval times, Treffgarne – or the Town of the Rocks – is a strung out village below one of North Pembrokeshire’s most striking geological features and leads to a gorge, through which the A487 winds.

railway below Treffgarne, Pembrokeshire

There are alternative walks along the Western Cleddau, but this one takes you to the rocks themselves and affords some spectacular views of the valley, woodlands, the road and railway far below. Part of the Roche Rhyolite group of rocks and including some interesting brookite crystals and titanium oxide as well as possibly some gold remaining from Roman times, the rocks were possibly re-arranged in Victorian times to enhance their appeal to tourists.

Bouldering in Pembrokeshire

The rock outcrop at Treffgarne are great for bouldering. Called Maiden Castle (or the Lion) and Poll Carn (or Wolf Rock) they can be seen for miles around. Have a look at this guide on the Summit Post website

There is much diversity to see here – the now disused Treffgarne quarry and the railway workings that defeated Brunel and almost bankrupted the Western Railway. The Irish potato famine in 1851 deprived the engineer of the manpower he needed to complete the route through to the coast.

The valley below Treffgarne

The road that winds its way through the deeply wooded valley and the gorge is busy, by Pembrokeshire standards; the main route north from Haverfordwest to the ferry-port of Fishguard. Beautiful all year round, the colours in autumn are especially stunning.

If you park in the village by the green and walk under the roadbridge to the right you will come to a footpath – turn left to clamber up to see the remains of the motte and bailey castle  – now strangely overlooking the busy road below – and then take the right hard path to enjoy the paths along the river and through the woods.

Along this route you can stop for a variety of attractions to suit all interests – the Sealyham Activity Centre, Scolton Manor, a fishing centre and crafts at Nant y Coy Mill, where there is also a tea room. In Wolfscastle, just beyond the gorge is the Wolfe Inn which offers good food, and half a mile further north you’ll find the renowned Wolfscastle Hotel – popular for weddings, conferences and other events.

West Wales Walks Treffgarne


The walk up to the rocks is an enjoyable one at all times of the year and if you have more time – about 2.5 hours – go further along the valley to see the Salem Chapel, too. There are woodland walks starting from next to the remains of the motte and bailey in Wolfscastle itself – now hidden away up a track right above the road – and this will take you through to Sealyham.



The view from Treffgarne


Suzanne Ashworth of West Wales Web and Pembrokeshire Life Online
Words & Images by Suzanne Ashworth






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Treffgarne / Wolfscastle Walks

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Treffgarne / Wolfscastle Walks: 51.822198, -5.015259
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Brandy Brook near Roch, Pembrokeshire

Brandy Brook, near Roch

Deep in the Brandybrook valley, Roch Mill is the last remaining of five water mills along little more than two miles of river.

Roch, Pembrokeshire, United Kingdom
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West Wales Walks Treffgarne

Enough room for a single car at roadside in the lane but otherwise park in Wolfscastle - marked - start this walk from there adds about a quarter of a mile warm up. You'll pass the entrance to the Motte & Bailey - on the left as you emerge from beneath the road overpass.

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Wolfscastle Walks - Parking


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Motte & Bailey Walk at Wolfscastle

Walk northwards. As you enter the gate at the start, you'll find the Motte & Bailey up the slope to your left.

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