Rosey Cale’s latest single, ‘Whiskey than wine’.

Rosey Cale – Pembrokeshire Singer/Songwriter – genre: Country/Pop

‘Rosey Cale’s lyrics speak to millions. Vivid storytelling. Toe-tappingly free spirited when it matters with a youthful purity and clarity of voice …and message’ – Ken Mahoney, @PembsLifeOnline.

We’re delighted to bring you news of Rosey’s latest single,’Whiskey Than Wine’.

We caught up with Rosey this week, keen to find out her latest news. But first, let’s recap with our interview from 2016, before her graduation, then we get to hear how things are going for her and her future plans…

So, tell us, Rosey…

Q. Where would you most like to perform?

A. One of my all-time dream places to play would have to be The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville, U.S.A. I know it’s a huge venue and something only very few people get the opportunity to do, but I don’t like to set small goals. Some of my favourite country artists have performed there and to perform in one of the most iconic venues in Nashville would be just incredible.

Q. Who is your biggest musical influence?

A. Growing up I spent a lot of time performing and making music with my mum and sister. We all played different instruments and we loved singing together so we would put on pretend concerts for our family and friends. It wasn’t until I discovered Taylor Swift as a teenager that I really found a love for writing songs, especially lyrics. I have so many notebooks around my house, full of ideas and little phrases that have inspired me to write specific songs. I always seem to find a new piece of inspiration every time I open them.

“Rosey’s latest single, ‘Whiskey Than Wine’ is out now! Listen here…




Q. Who spotted your talent?

A. After releasing my debut single ‘Walked Away’, I was lucky enough to be played on BBC Radio Wales by Adam Walton and Bethan Elfyn, who continue to be a great support. I was then invited by BBC Radio Wales to their studios for a live session on Jamie Owen’s morning show. Since releasing the Welsh track ‘Y Gytgan Anghyflawn’ I have had huge support from the team at BBC Radio Cymru – especially big thanks to Elin Manahan Thomas and Ioan Hefin for their support throughout the Welsh process.

Q. Has there been anyone in particular who has helped you?

My family has been the biggest support from day one. If I have an idea about something or a specific goal in mind, I know they’ll try in every way possible to help me achieve it (although, I also know they will tell me if it is a ridiculous idea). I always play my new songs to two of my closest friends because I know they’ll tell me the truth as to whether they think a song is good or bad. But everyone I meet is always so supportive and I’m always so thankful to anyone who tries to help spread the word in whatever form they can.

July 2018.


Q. Well, there’s a lot to catch up on since we last spoke, what’s been happening?

R: Well since I last spoke to you I’ve finally finished university. I’ve been working for the past year on writing new songs and have also been part of 3 shows as an actor.

Q. Is it all going as you hoped?

R. I’m really happy with how the last year has gone and since I brought out my first EP.
I won’t lie, it can be really tough at times, but it doesn’t phase me too much, I just have to keep going. The reason why I started doing my Sunday Covers over on my Youtube Channel at the start of this year was to make a strong commitment to myself, and I’m so happy I made the choice to do that.

Q. How’s the album coming along – or have I missed it and we need to include it?!

R. I know last time we spoke I said I wanted to bring out an album, but in all honesty, albums are expensive to do and being an unsigned songwriter makes it pretty difficult to do alone. But I am going back into the studio at the end of this month to record a few songs with a full band again which I can’t wait for! It’s been so long since I played with a band!

Here’s ‘Walked Away’ from her debut E.P. ‘Creating Images’


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